Rose K2 Soft

Rose K2 Soft

The new Rose K2 Soft design is a daily wear soft lens for irregular corneas, available as a 3 month replacement lens when manufactured from silicone hydrogel materials and a 6 month or 12 month replacement lens when manufactured from hydrogel materials.  The primary indications are intolerance to GP lenses, new contact lens wearers with irregular corneas, early to moderate irregular corneas, or conditions where the environment may be unsuitable for GP wear or where a GP lens may be unstable, such as sport.

Rose K2 Soft uses the same simple, proven 5-step fitting method common to all Rose K designs.  The design features an aspheric back optic zone, front surface toricity and front surface aberration control for optimal visual acuity.  Additionally, Rose K2 Soft offers precise edge lift control, prism ballast stabilization and reverse geometry for a trouble-free fit.


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