– for the ageing eye where focusing on close objects becomes difficult.

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Essential Multifocal

A manufacturing process creates an S”-Form” posterior power gradient which compresses more effective ADD correction (up to +2.75D) within a usable optical area at the centre of the lens. This provides true aspheric optics with a continuous gradient of power that is truly optical from edge to edge. The usable ADD is contained along a shorter radius of the axial centre of the lens in a usable optical area. CSA (concentric ‘S’ form add) can be included on the anterior surface to optimise near vision.

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Menifocal Z

A hyper DK GP material having a concentric alternating bifocal design. The back surface is Sphero-aspheric and the front surface near zone increases with addition and the lens is recommended for daily wear or up to 30 days continuous wear.

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Menicon Z Executive

A hyper DK GP material having a Sphero-aspheric back surface design and a segmented bifocal design with prism ballast on the front surface. It is recommended for daily wear.

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Reclaim HD Multifocal

Refined multifocal optics, created with patented S-Form Technology in concert with 'state of the art' Ray Tracing Optical Lathing, raise the bar of performance for your presbyopic GP lens patients. The new generation Reclaim HD Bi-Aspheric Multifocal lenses deliver all the add you need, aberration control optics, improved contrast and clarity of vision throughout a full range of focal points, while maintaining corneal integrity.

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Menicon Z Progressive

A hyper DK GP material having a concentric progressive aspheric design for simultaneous vision recommended for daily wear. Also sold under the name Oblong Genius.

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