Irregular Corneas

– for patients who have been diagnosed with Irregular Corneas.

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Rose K2 NC Nipple Cone

The latest addition to the Rose K2 range of lenses for keratoconus. The Rose K2 NC primary indication is for advanced and moderate nipple cones and secondary application for any defined nipple cone. The design characteristics are a very small aspheric back optic zone diameter which decreases as the base curve steepens and a very rapid peripheral flattening from the back optic zone.

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Rose K2 Post Graft

This lens is designed for postoperative recovery and improvement in vision. It is a multi-spherical posterior design with some reverse curve geometry and aberration control aspheric optics across the back and front optic zone diameters.

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Rinehart Reeves

A large diameter lens and a design intended for orthokeratology, it features reverse geometry which can be an aid in fitting the irregular cornea.

McGuire K

This lens system is a multi-curve design that aims to achieve a feather touch or mild bearing on the cone apex. There are three fitting sets in the McGuire system: nipple (8.1mm diameter, 5.5mm OZ), oval (8.6mm diameter, 6mm OZ) and globus (9.1mm diameter, 6.5mm OZ). The design has four peripheral curves and the initial base curve should be selected using the mean K reading.


Rose K2

The Rose K2 keratoconus lens design is the most widely prescribed RGP keratoconus lens in the world.  It is a multi-spherical posterior design with aberration control aspheric optics across the back and front optic zone diameters and is available in any toric lens design.

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Rose K2 ACT

The Rose K ACT is the latest design enhancement that can be applied to any of the Rose K designs. ACT (asymmetric corneal technology) enables the practitioner to specify a different posterior edge lift in a specific quadrant of the contact lens (normally inferior) to that on the rest of the posterior surface.

Rose K2 IC

This lens design can be used for the irregular cornea where other designs have failed. It has a larger overall diameter and utilizes the same systematic fitting approach of the Rose K2 design and has secondary applications for nipple and oval cones.

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Woodward K

This lens design aims for equal distribution of lens mass across the cornea. It is a tri-curve design looking for a three point touch fitting philosophy. The steeper lenses have greater edge clearance to closely match a three point touch fitting philosophy.

Soper K

A lens system using bicurve lenses based on sagittal depth. A steeper lens is selected by maintaining the same base curve but increasing the diameter. Three fitting sets are available, mild, moderate and advanced. The peripheral curve of this system is constant. Peripheral alignment and apical clearance typify this lens design.