Learn how to fit Rose K contact lenses for keratoconus.

Have you ever wished you could have attended a Rose K seminar given by the lens designer, Dr. Paul Rose himself, but never had the time or missed the events? Well, don't worry, because now you can watch video of a real Rose K seminar on line in the convenience of your office or home. David Thomas Contact Lenses have recorded a live seminar event and captured the key points from Dr. Rose's lecture. We have split his seminar into twelve bite size chapters taking you through the evolution of the Rose K lens design to the fitting approach, assessing lenses on the eye, through the different lens designs and even on to toric and piggyback lenses with Rose K.

These small videos provide a great learning or reference tool and demonstrate a systematic fitting approach which if followed will make fitting the keratoconus or irregular cornea patient easier and more successful. Start improving your fitting skills now by clicking on the links below.


Chapter 1 The Evolution of Rose K2 keratoconus contact lenses

Chapter 2 Introduction 5 Fitting Steps

Chapter 3 First Fitting Step - Central Fit

Chapter 4 Second Fitting Step - Peripheral Fit

Chapter 5 Third Fitting Step - Diameter

Chapter 6 Fourth Fitting Step - Lens Location

Chapter 7 Fifth Fitting Step - Lens Movement

Chapter 8 Evaluating Rose K2 Fluorescein Patterns

Chapter 9 Rose K Post Graft Fitting

Chapter 10 Irregular Cornea Fittings

Chapter 11 Piggybacking with Rose K Lenses

Chapter 12 Rose K Toric Fitting