David Thomas Rose K2 Seminars attract large audiences in India

No monsoons, but, hot humid weather and enthusiastic audiences accompanied DTCL sponsored Rose K2 seminars and workshops held in six different cities across India in August. Dr. Paul Rose (below left photo) was the star of a whirlwind tour of India a short while ago that was sponsored by DTCL in an effort to support the grwoing awareness and interest in the Rose K2 lens design for keratoconus patients. India is rapidly becoming a major market for the Rose K range of lenses as it is estimated that the incidence of keratoconus and other irregularities of the cornea is much higher than most estimates around the world. With a population in excess of one billion, it is estimated that as many as two million of the population could be suffering with keratoconus or an irregular cornea.


The Rose K seminars and workshops were held in Ahmedabad, Anand, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Ophthalmologists and Optometrists totalling almost 3,000 at the six combined venues listened and watched eagerly as Dr. Rose explained his fitting philsophy and fitted patients who had previously been unable to wear contact lenses comfortably or gain satisfactory vision. Lunches and refreshments were provided by DTCL and free complimentary lenses for those patients that took part in the workshops.


The cases presented to Dr. Rose proved to be challenging patients with particularly irregular cornea. Successful fits were achieved on all the cases using the Rose K2 keratoconus, Rose K2 IC and Rose K2 Post Graft designs and a couple using a piggyback system of fitting. All patients were rewarded with a free pair of lenses after the fittings.

Sales & Marketing Director, Graham Avery, reported that the seminar and workshop tour had proved extremely succesful and that as a result a new distributor had been identified for the northern states of India. The company was thankful to their consultant in India, Ms. Jyoti Dave-Singh (top right photo) who helped organise the seminars. She will continue to take the role of chief co-educator for Rose K lenses in India and recruit other skilled co-educators to continue to provide the training and education for these patients. Dr. Rose said, " this market has been a real eye opener for me and with hard work and continuing education, I can see this becoming a major market for Rose K lenses. I shall definitely be back to India next year."