UK Roadshow Succcess


Dr. Paul Rose, designer of the Rose K range of contact lenses for keratoconus and the irregular cornea has just finished a series of week long CET approved lectures across the UK. As part of a ten week lecture tour around the world, Paul spoke about how to fit the keratoconic and irregular cornea patient to an enthusiastic audience of practitioners from the independent and hospital eye clinic sector. As always these seminars were well attended by all who came in Bradford, Warrington, Birmingham, Bristol and London. With a clear explanation of the objectives and approach to fitting these challenging patients, using a series of video and slides to demonstrate the fluorescein pictures, attendees went away with confidence on how to interpret and assess the flourescein images.

Back home, Paul Rose showed one of his favourite pastimes when not seeing to his keratoconic patients, was fishing (picture right) from the rich waters off Hamilton, New Zealand where he lives. The Rose K range of lenses are now the most widely prescribed lenses in the world for keratoconus patients. Graham Avery of DTCL commented, 'We are always delighted to have Paul tour the UK and impart his knowledge to practitioners. As incidence recordings of keratoconus appears to have increased over the ten years that Paul has been coming to the UK, there are still a growing number of practitioners eager to learn how to fit these patients. And there is no doubt that Paul is one of the most experienced in the world and his passion for fitting these patients shines through during his seminars. Rather than sit on his laurels, Paul continues to improve the lens design and bring design enhancements.'


 "Please pass on my sincere thanks to Paul Rose for his marvellous, informative session last evening. It was a privilege to listen to him, his clear understanding of the requirements in keratoconus and irregular cornea fitting and his ability to explain how to use his excellent lens designs meant that I was totally engaged for the entire two hours."

Julia Melling FBDO(Hons)CL

Julia Melling Opticians Ltd.


"It was without doubt one of the best CE meetings we have ever attended, and as you know, I attend and present a lot. It is so easy for an expert to give of the 'big I am' aura, many indeed spring to mind, but the true skill is being able to address a varied audience of different skills so that each takes home their own learning message and outcome without any feeling that it was either beneath them or too advanced. A true professional."

Nick Rumney MSc Optom FCOptom

BBROptometry, Hereford


"Paul Rose is a class act".

Leslie Rollason BSc FCOptom

Principal Optometrist, Dept.of Ophthalmology, Good HopeHospital


"My colleague and myself felt that his presentation was one of the best we had ever heard. It was very logically presented with a caring delivery. Somehow he managed to go from the most basics to quite complicated cases in an hour and a half without totally confusing his audience".

Ross Maskell BSc FCOptom

Ross Maskell Optometrists, Altrincham