Agreement reached with Menicon Spain

The distributor for the Rose K range of lenses in Spain was recently changed. DTCL had previously supplied Rose K lenses for sale in Spain through Mark Ennovy based in Madrid. As from 1st June 2010, Menicon Spain is now the new Rose K distributor for Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

The agreement was concluded at the offices of Menicon Spain in Barcelona where Graham Avery, Sales & Marketing Director for DTCL met with Juan Cespedes, Director of Mencion Spain. Graham Avery commented "that the change of distributor had been an obvious and natural progression." He further added "We are grateful for the efforts that Mark Ennovy have made in the Spanish market, but felt that growth in Rose K sales was restricted because Mark Ennovy was a soft lens manufacturer and not known for its GP lenses.

From left to right, Graham Avery, Isabel Fernandez D.O.O., Mireira Lario D.O.O., Juan Cespedes 

"Menicon Spain are more focussed on GP lens sales and better placed to make the Rose K range more available. With the population of Spain being about 75% of that of the UK, we know that there is still a sizeable part of the population in Spain who will have a need for keratoconus and irregular cornea fits and that up until now have not tried the Rose K range of lenses. Juan has prepared an impressive marketing plan that will raise the profile of Rose K lenses further and has a knowledgeable team behind him. We will support him to develop and exploit the undoubted potential in the Spanish market."

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