From April 1st 2012, David Thomas Contact Lenses Ltd. will take on the marketing and distribution of SOLOCARE AQUA® all-in-one solution for soft contact lenses in the United Kingdom and Eire.  David Thomas Contact Lenses will take responsibility for all commercial activities including order taking, deliveries, invoicing, sales, and promotion to professionals, retailers, and consumers for SOLOCARE AQUA®.


SOLOCARE AQUA® is the all-in-one soft contact lens solution that retains more moisture for all-day comfort and freshness, allowing lens wearers to feel even better in their lenses. SOLOCARE AQUA® works in two great ways: the HydroLock® effect locks in extra moisture for all-day comfort; and the unique MicroBlock® lens case locks out bacteria for cleaner, fresher lenses.

A very large number of UK and Eire customers take the SOLOCARE AQUA® all-in-one solution in a three or six monthly value pack bundled with Ciba Vision contact lenses. By the summer 2012, DTCL will offer the SOLOCARE AQUA® all-in-one solution with a Menicon range of monthly silicone hydrogel lenses for sphere, astigmatism and multifocal patients.

As from April 1st 2012, SOLOCARE AQUA® customers will be able to order the all-in-one solutions from our dedicated order line 0844 800 2821 or online at orders@solocaresolution.com


David Thomas Contact Lenses is ready to ensure continued supply and strong support for SOLOCARE AQUA®. For further information about ordering and about the full range of SOLOCARE AQUA® point-of-sale and educational materials, please contact our office on 01604 646216.

SOLOCARE AQUA® all-in-one solution is available in single 360ml bottles, 2 x 360ml pack (3 month supply) and 4 x 360ml pack (6 month supply).