Sponsorship for World Ranked No.1 hope

DTCL are delighted to be associated with and sponsor Chloe Goudie in the upcoming IWWF Cable Wakeboard World Championship 2010 being held at Neubrandenburg in Germany during July. The International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation world championships are held annually and Chloe will be representing the Great Britain team in the girls (under sixteen) category for wakeboarding. Chloe is currently ranked number one in the world rankings and has high hopes of doing well in the competition next month. Chloe, who is the daughter of DTCL's Laboratory Manager Chris Goudie and from Milton Keynes has been wakeboarding since an early age and now competes against the very best in the world.



Cable Skiing or Cable Wakeboarding is done at Cable Ski Park. What's different about it is that instead of pulling a rider behind a boat, the boarder is pulled by a cable system that  runs around a lake usually about the size of a football field. Wakeboards are also used for cable boarding and the riding styles are similar. The main difference is that there is no 'wake' on a cable system. However, a cable rider can still get air (if not more at times) by generating load on the towline which would in turn catapult him up into the air for him to execute tricks. DTCL have helped sponsor Chloe in the world championships and we wish her luck in her efforts to become the Girls Cable Wakeboarding Champion of the World.