DTCL ready to supply CIBA VISION RGP lenses

Following on from the Ciba Vision announcement to discontinue supply of their RGP range and speciality range of contact lenses, DTCL is ready to step in and fill this gap in the supply chain. There are a significant number of patients in the UK and Ireland who have worn RGP lenses successfully from Ciba for many years. Many practitioners are being told to contact David Thomas Contact Lenses for continued supply of these lenses. DTCL already has a track record of supporting Ciba customers for their RGP requirements. For two years DTCL has been manufacturing and supplying the former Astrocon Multifocal RGP lens that used to be supplied by Ciba. As well as this we use the exactly the same materials as Ciba and have the knowledge and expertise to reproduce a very good equivalent of the Ciba RGP lens designs.

Our technical team are happy to advise you which product to substitute for the Ciba RGP lenses. For clarity and if in doubt about what product you should order as an equivalent Ciba lens, we have prepared a file for you to download. Alternatively, please call our sales office on 01604 646216.

Download DTCL equivalent Ciba RGP Lenses file