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The world’s first daily disposable flat pack contact lens
NEW Miru 1 day from Menicon

Miru's novel flat pack, created with Menicon's proprietary technology, measures an astonishing 12.5% of the thickness and just 40% of the volume of a conventional pack used to store contact lenses. As the world's flattest and most compact lens pack, Miru offers unprecedented convenience for storage and carrying in a pocket, purse or even wallet.

The flat-pack's unique design also is highly hygienic. Besides ensuring easy lens removal, it always exposes the outer surface of the lens first, reducing the likelihood of touching the inner surface of the lens and thus preventing bacteria or debris from coming into contact with the cornea.

The Miru flat pack sandwiches the contact lenses lightly, but securely between two specially designed foil sheets, in contrast to typical plastic containers in which the lenses float loosely. This enables printing on both sides, something not possible with conventional packaging.

Miru is the first contact lens in Japan to utilize HEMA-GMA (2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate-Glycerol Methacrylate), a lens material offering superior water retention. The unique chemistry of GMA attracts water molecules for high wettability and all-day comfort. The lens has a base curve of 8.60 mm, a diameter of 14.2 mm and a power range of -0.50D to -10.00D. Plus powers will be available later this year.